Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why I prefer not to use a travel agent

These five reasons not to use a travel agency:

First Customer Service. I'm sure the next time you're stuck, lost when checking into a hotel of poor quality or deal with the airline your luggage only, you can do with the contacts you have on how to solve a tourist, as in the travel agency with years of experience, knowledge and contacts more. Even if you had a great trip ... impressive. If not, then good luck with this website you booked through.

Second prize is a big difference, where people travel. Wondering how an agency to beat the other? That would be because the travel agent should only use the full committee was to bring you the best deal. But I'm sure we can all get a better deal from a fixed site in advance.

The third is knowledge in the travel industry, but why should the experience of a hand first in a feature or destination, if you can watch a tag 1X1 inch of the lobby? It seems reasonable to me.

Numbers fourth security cards, passport and credit are much safer on the Internet that does business with a live person ... think about it.

5th Time means nothing, you get to spend days on end to compare prices, flight schedules, reviews and organize transfers with a company who have no idea. If only it were a person or an "agent" who knew about it and that may be made to have it on their own experience before I asked.

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