Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What NOT to Take for the Flight

Once you have booked the cheaper the ticket, the other, you have to do, you pack your bags. But when you get to the stations, you are surprised that many pieces of luggage were discarded. Therefore, it is helpful to know in advance what you can fly and you can not.
Rules for food
The first thing you should know that all packaged foods such as soups, vegetables, fruits, sauces, peanut butter no more than 3 ounces it should also yogurt, cheese and cream are. If you decide to have your own take-out food for the flight, make sure it does not have a strong odor, how to annoy other passengers on the plane. If you have a baby traveling with you, you can milk, formula milk, soy milk are taking. You can also pack in a bottle of sterile water. But for security reasons, you will be asked to prove at checkpoints. You must understand that this only for security purposes and you must do so without hesitation.
Can have sporting goods, tools, kitchen utensils and other things that have sharp rape someone on the plane. Therefore, these tasks are not allowed to be transported on a flight. These objects include spikes, knives, axes, ice picks, axes, metal cutlery open, or razor blades, knives, knives, saws, chisels, hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers. Have sporting goods, which have sharp points that are of sticks, skates, tap, darts and climbing gear such as hooks, bolts, screws, and hammers. Sharps, not weapons, but can cause damage due to penetration include razors, lace, metal letter opener, scissors and needles. The stations will not allow you to take this information on the race.
Objects that can be used to threaten a
After booking flights to your destination, make sure you do not carry around an object that people reject the security check. These items are not only sharp objects, blunt objects, but also large enough to threaten someone. These objects could be golf clubs, cricket, softball, baseball, hockey, billiards, snooker or pool cues, the butt or a piece of wood or metal used to be to terrorize someone.
Flammable substances
The security check will not be allowed to carry flammables in flight. These items can include aerosols, fireworks, gasoline or other flammable liquids, dynamite, plastic explosives, detonators, gunpowder, hand grenades, plastic explosives or incendiary devices reproduction . Also, keep your distance explosives, such as color, is hygiene products, turpentine, flammable paints, cooking fuel, lighters, lanterns, gas or gasoline.
Other elements that are not allowed to escape being taken, including:• Toxins such as pesticides, herbicides, arsenic, cyanide or rodent poisons• Organic materials such as peroxides or resin glass fiber• generate strong magnetic fields, such as speakers or laboratory equipment• Materials such as infectious viral organisms, medical laboratory specimens or bacterial cultures• All hazardous items, such as spray paint, tear gas, chlorine or the pool or spa flame lighters.

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